Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Slim’s “Good Lovin’ (feat. Fabolous & Ryan Leslie)”


Last week’s prediction: “Auld Lang Syne”

Anyone eagerly awaiting Fabolous’s Loso’s Way (guilty) should probably listen to “Good Lovin’,” the second single off former Puff Daddy apprentice/112 vet Slim’s Love’s Crazy. The first, “So Fly,” had Jadakiss in the Fabolous role, and Kiss, who’s had some experience in this line of work, pretty much murdered it. Not that it saved “So Fly”; Slim’s mincing whisper is not exactly inspirational stuff as far as R&B goes. Fabolous, on “Good Lovin’,” comes off a bit worse on a beat I like a bit better (those little string-section bursts, mostly).

This work isn’t new to Fab either–“Make Me Better” was pretty much the last time he hit, right? This is a man who no one will ever talk out of making tons of crossover records. As a friend said the other night: Great mixtapes, alright records. Four of ’em and counting.

The iTunes elves, meanwhile, think this is a hot 16 from Big Boi (to wit: “Bonus cameo by Outkast’s Big Boi, who drops an insane 16 bars”). Maybe this is why they don’t feature more rap singles?

Next week’s prediction: Teary-eyed, overweight

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 6, 2009

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