Hapless Subject Illustrates Increased STD Risk from Heavy Drinking


We can only imagine how Michelangelo Franqui feels this morning. The Queens man admitted to amNY that one time “My friends had to drag me up the stairs because I was passed out” from strong drink,” and when told of a city health department report that shows that people who get that drunk stand a greater chance of waking up with multiple sex partners and a sexually transmitted disease, was (as we imagine most of you are) unsurprised, reflecting on that moment when “you just look at the person next to you in bed and regret it.”

Today Franqui’s story appears in amNY under the headline “Report: alcohol fuels multiple sex partners, STDs.” This reminds us of the time Joey was represented all over town by a VD poster in the show “Friends” (which we have not seen, as we would of course never admit to watching “Friends”; we heard about it in our congenital syphilis support group). We note in kindness that Franqui does not admit to such an infection in the amNY story, which careless readers might miss. (Another funny STD story here.)


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 6, 2009


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