Macworld News Includes Scary Face Recognition


CNET live-blogged this morning’s Macworld session in San Francisco. Global marketing VP Phil Schiller announced Apple’s agreement with Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner Music to distribute copy-protection-free iTunes from those massive vendors, and flexible pricing on songs purchased from the service (79 cent iTunes!). There’s also a new 17-inch Macbook Pro with better display quality and battery life. But most of the news is about iLife/iWork features, including music lessons from John Fogerty and others in Garageband, GPS “geotagging,” and “Face Detection” tech that will allow iPhoto to identify people in your photo library for cataloguing. It’s like CSI for your computer. Imagine a lonely wonk sitting up all night scanning group photos for that girl he saw on the subway, and you will have seen the future. Then Tony Bennett came out and sang a few iTunes.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 6, 2009

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