Fork in the Road Eats Korean BBQ in Flushing


This week, my column is on Ga Si Ri, a charcoal Korean barbecue spot in Flushing. (Right now the picture that’s up with the column isn’t actually of Ga Si Ri.) I love this place, even though it seems that you can only get the kalbi (short ribs) grilled over the coals–everything else over gas. But that kalbi (the specialty) is completely delicious, as are the other barbecue options, including ox tounge and black pork belly.

Plus, there’s this:

Order the sam kyup sal bossam (“bossam,” for short) at Ga Si Ri, and
soon a gigantic platter is plunked on the table. Playing-card-sized
slabs of braised pork belly occupy half of the plate, each slice
leaning on the other like giant, streaky dominoes. Piled on the other
side of the platter is a deep-red, crunchy mix of shredded daikon
seasoned with chile-garlic sauce and scallions. This mixture harbors a
generous serving of raw oysters, which comes as a surprise when you’re
crunching on spicy radish and get a goopy bite that gushes oyster
brine. Wrap a slab of pork belly in a piece of napa cabbage, top it
with the radish-oyster combo, and drizzle it with “traditional shrimp
sauce”–a sickly-pink liquid flecked with red that’s very salty and
funky but is perfect as a part of the whole.

Ga Si Ri

162-04 Northern Boulevard

Flushing, Queens, 718-888-9400

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2009


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