I’m Getting My Large Head Shrunk At A Comedy Club


Want hot pokers shoved up your ass as you’re forced to watch Drillbit in endless rotation? No? Well, then, I’ve got something (marginally) less hateful for you. It’s a chance to see me not only do comedy, but get publicly psychoanalyzed! And I never even thought those were two separate things!

You see, the insightful Lisa Levy does a show at Ochi’s Lounge (downstairs at Comix, at 353 W. 14th Street) called Stand Up Lie Down, whereby a comedian (or funny person) does a five-minute routine, then gets a lucky 13-minute psych session with her as a reward.

“I know you are not strictly a stand-up comic,” Levy wrote me, “but you could read a short piece you’ve written, as others have done, or do anything you like.” So, I dug through my side-splittingly hilarious old columns and the collected works of my favorite poet, Suzanne Somers, and said yes, I would absolutely do the old stand up, lie down routine, and knock ’em dead till they roll over! Tonight at 8! For no cover and only a one-item minimum!

So come and cheer me on, kids. It’s the logical first step before I star in Stand Up Go Down

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2009

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