Performance artist Shelly Mars is hard to pin down. Her characters range from “Jewish lesbian-feminist-separatist-poetess” Zana Anna Rosen to douchebag “misogynist Wall Street banker” Martin and Italian doggie-toting jet-setter Laura Martinelli Cantelloni Maria Pizza. Dr. Ghislaine Pussait is the star of Mars’s latest show, The Human Bonobo Project, presented on a double bill with Susan Jeremy’s Brazil Nut: A Gay Immigration Story. In Bonobo, Mars’s faux researcher presents the missing links between Manhattan homosexuals and the apes of the Congo. But it’s no joke: Mars received a grant from the Arcus Foundation to develop a performance on this topic. The organization supports LGBT equality and the conservation of apes. Who knew?

Sat., Jan. 17, 8 p.m., 2009