Online City Payroll Search Site is Lazy Journalists’ New BFF


When announced it had a new feature with which one could search New York City public servant payrolls, scribes got busy with it. “Wonder how many people work at the Landmarks Preservation Commission and how much they make?” asks MSNBC. “There are 60 full-time employees making from $33k to $178k.” The Daily News finds it noteworthy that Schools Chancellor Joel Klein makes a quarter-mil and Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris makes $227,219. Newsday‘s Spin Cycle reveals Kevin Sheekey “gets $196,000 to run Michael Bloomberg’s political career, a truly vital governmental function.”

NYC Public School Parents was shocked by educrat salaries. “I counted 22 DOE administrators who earned at least $180,000 as of last June — most of whom I have never heard of,” said the blogger, “and 74 who made $150,000 or over. What’s most interesting is how many administrators there are — including hourly workers: 11,796!” (Miss Brave Teaches NYC helpfully points out the UFT salary schedules.)

The state salary feature got some takers. Folks on an upstate college sports message board examined SUNY Athletic Conference coach salaries. Buffalo State hockey coach Nick Carriere gets $38,662, which does not seem overgenerous; a poster is shocked (or his emoticon is) that Deborah Stanley of SUNY Oswego makes $212,000, but she’s actually the university’s president.