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In conjunction with our review of Jersey City’s new vegetarian restaurant, Krishna Cuisine, and for people who would rather look at pictures of food than read about it, here are some photographs of the principal dishes.

One of the remarkable appetizers presented, as far as we can time, for the first time in the Tri-State area, is the Maharashtrian pakora of fried onions with a few pieces of potato thrown in for textural contrast. With its dusting of powdered spices, these fritters blow diner onion rings out of the water:

Also in a northern India vein are the paneer pakora, only one of many uses this fresh cheese finds on the menu at Krishna Cuisine:

Presented with sambal and two pungent chutneys, all homemade, the iddly are a fine bellwhether of the southern cooking prowess of the restaurant:

More unusual are the rava dosas, which introduce the goodness of wheat flour to the lentil-rice dosa formula:

Most bizarre is a dosa not unique to this restaurant, but unique enough that we only know of three other places that serve it. Ta-daah [drum roll], the family dosa, in which the potato filling is served on the side, and there’s enough for everybody:

Finally, we have a couple of the revamped Mughal curries that constitute the restaurant’s greatest gift to Jersey diners, curries prepared with scintillatingly fresh ingredients: 

Palak paneer on the left, and gobi masala on the right. 795 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 201-659-8700 

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2009

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