What’s The Truth About Jett Travolta?


The tragedy of Jett Travolta‘s death has been met with the expected din of eyebrow raising from anonymous web surfers who’ve had it in for Scientology in the first place. According to these armchair observers, Jett must have had autism, but that was never copped to since Scientology supposedly believes that’s psychosomatic and can be treated with various “detoxes.”

What’s more, they’re not buying the Travolta camp’s claim that the kid was on seizure medication but had been taken off it because it had stopped working. (Then why not put him on something else?). Also, the wags cling to the original report that the dying boy was unattended for many hours–which was later corrected by Travolta’s camp to say he was actually found after a short window of time. And while we were fed reports of dad frantically doing “mouth to mouth” on Jett, really evil people want to believe he was actually busy doing mouth to mouth on the manny he’d been seen smooching at the airport last year. Add to this Jett’s quick cremation and you’ve got a recipe for much mouthing OFF.

Hush, people, and show some respect.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2009

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