Band Writes Song Demanding Caylee Anthony Murder Confession


Once upon a time protest singers wrote about civil rights, ending war, not playing Sun City, etc. Now a band called Biteboy has written a song calling for Casey Anthony to confess that she murdered her famously dead infant daughter Caylee. Biteboy went to Anthony’s apartment building, band manager Poppa Namey told the Daily News, and from the curb “taunted her to do a benefit for missing children.” When quizzed by the New York Daily News about the band’s “bizarre publicity stunt,” Namey said “Biteboy writes news. We’re media… When you put out a record, it’s called a pressing. So we’re press.” Also, Namey says, Biteboy seek to point out the “hypocrisy and double standards of media.” They sound like bloggers mixed with musicians, which may be the most obnoxious combination this side of rapper/perfume designer.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 8, 2009


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