PETA Obsessed with Foie Gras


Not as good as fatty liver…but still pretty great

PETA is beating the drums against foie gras again, this time offering a $10,000 prize to any chef who can come up with a vegetarian foie gras alternative.

It seems like there are many more worthy targets (factory farms, anyone?) than foie gras, which, in the US, is mainly produced on small farms, from animals that get a whole lot more care and better quality of life than the chicken we all eat every night for dinner without batting an eye. Plus, foie gras is delicious.

In any case, I surprise myself by having a nomination: The portobello mousse at Dirt Candy is rich, earthy and intense, with a silky texture reminicent of foie gras. No, it’s not as good as foie gras, but it’s awfully tasty, and inventive too.

Dirt Candy
430 East 9th Street


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 8, 2009

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