Stephen Sprouse/Louis Vuitton Commandeers the Bowery Ballroom


Photo by Araceli Cruz

The above is the much altered facade of the Bowery Ballroom–presumably the host of tonight’s private party for Stephen Sprouse’s Rock On Mars, in advance of tomorrow’s formal opening at Deitch Projects tomorrow. Perhaps fittingly–Sprouse ran in ’80s NY downtown circles, mostly as a designer but also as a kind of rock n roll acolyte/image-fabricator–this isn’t the only detournment of a Soho building planned for the day. A few blocks away, Louis Vuitton (soon to host a coveted Marc Jacobs-designed/Sprouse-inspired accessories line) looks like this:

Photo via Racked

Glad to know certain neighborhoods are still absolutely the blank slate of anyone who cares to throw up the scaffolding.