Where Do I Rank, Famewise?


Hey, bitches: I have been rated the fourth most fabulous newspaper gossip columnist/society contributor in NYC, according to famegame.com. And don’t say “What the fuck is famegame.com?” It happens to be “a rapidly-growing website that maps and analyzes social connections and media attention to help promote meaningful ideas, people, and organizations in culture,” nyah nyah.

According to them, the top columnists are:

1) Debbie Bancroft (Avenue, Hamptons, Niche Media)

2) R. Couri Hay (Niche Media)

3) Jeff Slonim (Niche Media, People)

4) Michael Musto (Village Voice)

And 5 through 10 are Liz Smith, David Patrick Columbia, Lloyd Grove, George Rush, Cindy Adams, and Joanna Molloy.

So I’m ranked above some pretty major grand dames of the social whirl, honey. And what does this all mean? Nothing! A big old pile of society crapola! And yet, I like to report on nothing once in a while. It’s a refreshing palette cleanser before we move onto the more major things–like how I should have at least been number three!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 8, 2009

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