140-Year-Old Lobster Liberated From City Crab to Maine


Along with those naked celebrity ads we all enjoy, PETA does a lot of ground-level animal-saving. They scored a small but noteworthy victory today at City Crab, the venerable Manhattan seafood restaurant, which agreed after negotiations to release a 140-year-old lobster in its possession. City Crab was apparently not offering the superannuated shellfish for dinner, but as a sort of mascot. PETA remonstrated (“The confinement, low oxygen levels, and extreme crowding of a lobster tank will no doubt stress this elderly lobster”) and were heard. They and City Crab held a press avail this evening, and at this writing PETA agents are driving the no doubt confused old lobster up to Maine, where he will be dropped in the frigid Atlantic. Hopefully after years of captivity he has not forgotten that those boxes with the wire netting are to be avoided at all costs.

PETA takes this opportunity to remind you that lobsters feel pain and also do not experience shock, so when you boil them alive they suffer horribly throughout the process. Bon appetit!


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 9, 2009

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