Girl Beaten, Raped at School, Principal Did Nothing, Say Parents


In 2005 a first grade student went to the bathroom at P.S. 106 in Far Rockaway and another kid crept into her stall and kissed her. The girl’s parents requested a transfer, but it was turned down. Over the next two years the girl was beaten and harrassed by various student gangs, and even raped, the Daily News reports, but her parents claim the principal refused to tell the police or do anything else helpful. They also allege that when the Board of Ed finally offered the girl a transfer they failed to arrange to transport her to the new school. The girl has left the school and the parents are suing the city.

This isn’t the first negative report the News has filed on P.S. 106, though it is certainly the most disturbing. The school got a “C” overall on its BOE progress report this year, with an “A” for academics but an “F” for school environment.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 9, 2009

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