Bye Bye Bush, Hello Party Times!


I’ll tell you one party I don’t ever want to go to again — the Republican party, ba dum pum! But now that Dubya is on his way back to the ranch, there IS a fun party to be had, one we can all throw ourselves with a little help from a kooky little website! Check out, where you can exultantly order your very own anti-inaugural bash consisting of plates, party hats, balloons, and a Pin the Tail on the Ass’s Ass decorative poster, among other wildly celebratory things for the whole nucular family.

This sounds way more fun that the parties we went to when Bush was elected — tacky shindigs where all you needed were earplugs and a vomit bag. There’s only problem with this new assortment of party favors. Thanks to Bush’s eight years of rotten economics, I can’t afford them!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2009

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