On Lil Wayne and Pharrell’s “Yes”


With the caveat that probably any rapper on the planet would sound like an absolute genius over this Pharrell beat–half Hell Hath No Fury outtake, half mutant didgeridoo–Lil Wayne sounds like a beautiful angel here. (Take it from the guy who said this would be the year Wayne fell off harder than Nas. At least that last part was right–“Fear of a Black Dick“? Really?) “Yes I make money, I’m a paper machine/And you can catch me in the newest not the latest machine/’Now, Weezy why you drive so fast?’/’Cause I’m chasing the dream!”

Burgeoning Auto-Tune side effect: Good singing! The idea here being that Auto-Tune is just violent pitch correction, right? So if you’re Lil Wayne, and you’re faced with the evidence from literally hundreds of songs that your pitch is substandard, you could theoretically begin training yourself to get closer and closer to the correct pitch. Eventually, you might hit that sweet spot Wayne hits right around 3:15, where you sort of sing harmony to yourself, the ghost in the machine bowing down before your own pre-Auto-Tuned voice, two sad cyborgs drag-racing one another off into the sunset. [Via New Music Cartel]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2009

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