Wayne Coyne on What To Expect From ATP NY 2009: Muhammad Ali Punching Bag, Syd Barrett’s Dead Body


Over Christmas break, Fader‘s T. Cole Rachel visited Wayne Coyne in his “Wizard of Odd” compound to talk about Christmas on Mars, 2009, and what to expect when the Flaming Lips curate this year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties New York. This is going to be so much better than Justin Timberlake in a dolphin suit.

    I was thinking about having Muhammad Ali come . . . and we’d have Muhammad Ali stand up there and the whole audience can come up on stage and you get to punch him in the stomach. And you know, he’s Muhammad Ali and it wouldn’t hurt him and he’d just stand there you could say forever that you got to punch Muhammad Ali, wouldn’t that be a great move? Maybe after 10,000 people, he might be injured, but it’d be the sort of things you could expect from an All Tomorrow’s/Flaming Lips-curated event. . . .


    Someone suggested that we go to Manchester and dig up Syd Barrett’s body and have it out there onstage and we’ll play one of his CDs and you can come up and look in the coffin and say something to him. You know, that’d be horrible, but, y’know, anything’s possible.

Animal Collective? Pffffft.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2009

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