What Do You Suppose These New Handsome Furs Press Photos Are Meant to Convey?


A metaphor, presumably.

So Handsome Furs, the scruffy art-rock duo of Wolf Parade dude Dan Boeckner and his wife, Alexei Perry, are readying their second album, Face Control, for a February 2nd release on Sub Pop, and have elected, as part of said record’s promotion, to offer photographs of themselves sexily canoodling on a bed, etc., sort of a strange and unanticipated approach already triggering “I’d hit it” spasms from the usual suspects. First person to make a crass “handsome fur” pun gets punched in the f–OH IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE.

I thought about posting more of these but then got creeped out and decided against it.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2009

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