Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: The Boxer Rebellion’s “Evacuate”


Last week’s prediction: Teary-eyed, overweight

The message board-born Boxer Rebellion, like Glasvegas, sport an endorsement from Creation Records founder/Oasis-discoverer Alan McGee, a distinction that, in the UK, is more or less an excuse to print money. Or print hysteria? One-time supposed Coldplay-killers turned Radiohead-imitators (and thus the snake eats its tail), BR’s Get Up Kids-reminiscent “Evacuate” is the only song that sounds anything like “Evacuate” on the record–the rest is a kind of falsetto gruel. What’s being given away here is the band’s sole song that doesn’t sound a lot like “Fake Plastic Trees.”

The record, Union, came out last week, and was straight-to-digital. iTunes is effectively the record label here, so you get a deal: $5.99, if you act now. (It’s a “worldwide” special, whatever that means.) Says iTunes commenter MIDIMan56: “Kinda sounds like a poor man’s U2.” Chocobi, seeing something I don’t, says: “nice cover artwork, but the music is creepy”–if you’re afraid of alternative rock maybe?

The video takes place in a cave, perhaps a sly nod to all the Tokyo Police Club rip-offs contained therein?

Next week’s prediction: Inauguration-themed