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An imported boyfriend made for holidays spent on two continents and three coasts, but it also made for some good food and pictures of it. We begin on the South Coast of England where I learned that my turkey from the local butcher came with not only a certificate about the splendid life he once led freely roaming the English countryside in natural daylight before meeting a humane death at the hands of a human not a machine, he also came with far more inky black quills than his American Butterball cousin. He required no less than an hour’s worth of plucking.  After the jump more pictures, including tasty images of Mission district burritos in San Francisco and New Year’s Eve at Brooklyn’s No. 7.

Exhausted from turkey plucking and cooking, I headed to Brighton for a night with the British boy toy. We had an amazing Indian meal at a restaurant called the Chili Pickle. I finished my meal with this beautiful pot of rose tea. Sadly, the delicate tea failed to counteract the effects of one too many of bottles of India Pale Ale consumed with the meal.

Back stateside, we stopped over at the new Jet Blue terminal en route to my family in California. We had some decent but forgettable Italian snacks at Aeronuova, one of the slightly more welcoming “fine dining” choices amidst those that feature tunnel like dining areas and blue lights. The bruschetta weren’t all that photogenic, but we took a shine to this plastic knife gussied up to look like a real one for use after the security checkpoint.

A gargantuan chile relleno burrito in San Francisco’s Mission district made us hungry for our past life in California while satiating any belly hunger for most of the day.

Thankfully, we were hungry enough for some dim sum in Chinatown the next day, featuring this tasty number of shrimp in rice paper.  Of course, many of SF’s best dim sum joints are out of touristy Chinatown in Richmond, but holiday traffic limited us.
(*correction, our dim sum memory was off. The shrimp was in tofu skin, not rice paper, as kindly pointed out by one of our commenters)

We appreciated this gumball machine on the streets of Chinatown aesthetically, but abstained from eating anything from it.

Back in Brooklyn for New Year’s, we headed to No. 7 for dinner. My favorite course was the first one, this whimsical soft boiled fried egg topped with caviar on a bed of endive.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 13, 2009

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