Meat Mystery


I’d just finished an entire goat roti from Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop and felt rather sluggish, so I slithered across the street to the Goodwill Store. Bed-Stuy’s is one of the city’s largest, with row upon row of good and clean used clothes, a kitchenware section that might be the envy of Williams-Sonoma shoppers (I found a jaunty red plastic electric quesadilla maker for Pete’s sake!), and a formidable collection of used CDs right by the front register.

I bought an early Beatles album released only in the UK (Beatles For Sale) and a Killers album missing from my collection (Hot Fuss), but then my eye fell on an oddity: an album with a relentlessly pink case entitled A Sense of Pork, ostensibly by a group called Disco Pigs. What a gift, I thought, for my pork-obsessed friends (and I mean you, Winnie and Zak!).

A little research uncovered that the CD was the cast album for an obscure Off-Broadway play that had been transported from Cork, Ireland a decade ago. The play was about a pair of humans called Pig and Runt, and the dialog was in a sort of private language based on Irish slang, or so it says in the Variety review published at the time.

I managed to listen to most of the CD, and there really wasn’t very much about pork (the meat) in it, despite the title and the characters’ names. Maybe the real meaning of the album is revealed by the title of the third cut: “Connemara Bong Song.”