Ranking the Ramens


Rameniac, a blog devoted entirely to ramen (naturally), has come out with its list of the Top Ten ramen joints in New York City. According to Rameniac, “there is no Stateside ramen scene more exciting than in New York City,” so our high rent prices are totally worth it. Who makes the Top Ten? The answers after the jump.

1.Ramen Setagaya
2.Ippudo NY

3.Minca Ramen Factory


5.Rai Rai Ken

6.Sapporo Restaurant

7.Momofuku Noodle Bar 




Rameniac calls Momofuku “overhyped, overpriced” which we would tend to agree with. However, we have to say that we think Rai Rai Ken is past its prime; the last time we ate there, the pork in the ramen was tough, dry, and unflavorful. Now we just wish there was a decent ramen shop in our hood, as it would be the perfect lunch for our lingering winter cold.

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