Shut The Fuck Up For The Quiet Party


I detest loud people and in fact I don’t trust anyone who barrels up to me at a club and starts screeching about their various projects in between singing snippets of radio hits and clanking their clunky jewelry. I have much more affinity for someone with mystery and surprise–i.e., who’s FUCKING QUIET!!!

That’s why the Quiet Party has always appealed to me. The noise-free event doesn’t allow loud music, cellphones, yelling, or in fact any talking at all. They generously supply paper and pens so you can pass notes around to interesting looking people while making suggestive eye gestures worthy of Harpo Marx. The result is shockingly different, and once you get used to the lack of blather, the absence of unnecessary–or, in fact, any–sound can be quite seductive. You might find you’ll never need talking again.

The next Quiet Party will be on Wednesday February 11, 6:30 to 9:30 pm, at MADAME X at 94 West Houston Street. (Admission is $10 plus 2 drink minimum).

But don’t tell anyone about it! Shhh (eyeroll).