Food News From Across the Country and Across the Pond


DC restaurateurs have high hopes for the Obama administration and a president that likes to eat out and not stay at home dining on Tex-Mex.
[New York Times]

Fishermen in Maine are organizing community-supported fishery programs
modeled after CSAs to provide fresh fish to consumers and get fair
prices for themselves.
[Washington Post]

There’s alarm in the UK over a new report that finds some 66% of the pigmeat imported into the country is produced under conditions that would be illegal on British farms.
[Times of London]

Francois Simon, food critic for France’s Le Figaro, recently put himself on the line and stepped into the kitchen.
[New York Times]

A UK study finds that people who drink more than seven cups of instant
coffee per day are three times more likely to experience hallucinations.
They’re also more likely to delude themselves into thinking instant coffee
tastes good.