Markowitz Weakens on Atlantic Yards


The normally development-friendly Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz actually said something almost critical of a developer yesterday. He suggested Forest City Ratner, despoilers of Atlantic Yards, should look at a “more economically feasible” plan for the Nets stadium/luxury complex than the bloated one that’s currently stalled in its tracks.

The press is less than respectful. The Times allows Atlantic Yards opponent Daniel Goldstein to rebut Markowitz. The Brooklyn Paper teases out Markowitz’s statement as “saying that the $1-billion basketball arena at the heart of Atlantic Yards is no longer ‘economically feasible,'” and reminds readers of Markowitz’s prior Atlantic Yards gush. (The Daily News already ran an “Atlantic Yards lite is on ‘last legs’ – foes” story last weekend.)

Luxury developers will always have the New York Post, though, which noted Markowitz’ remarks only briefly, then got back to work defending the Yankee Stadium boondoggle against its watchdogs.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 14, 2009


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