The Voice Also Covers Dance!


And now a word from our arts editor, Brian Parks. . .

The Cedar Lake cast of Didy Veldman’s “frame of view,” photo by Julieta Cervantes

Deborah Jowitt leaps vigorously into the new dance year with expansive coverage of a broad range of New York shows, as well as this year’s “Dance on Camera” film festival at Lincoln Center–which features films about the highs and lows of a career in ballet, from glorious comebacks after injury to the unpleasant spectacle of aspiring 10-year-old girls being humiliated at Russian’s Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Check out the Voice‘s online dance section for Jowitt’s reviews of Sugar Salon’s enigmatic program at the Baryshnikov Arts Center; David Parsons’s roistering at the Joyce; the off-kilter, classy work of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet; and Yoshiko Chuma and Shirotama Hitsujiya’s combo of politics and wackiness. Jowitt also remembers the late choreographer and dancer Daniel Nagrin, who has died at age 91 after a long and varied career in dance.

For the remaining screenings in the “Dance on Camera” fest, jeté yourself over here.

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