Which Half of Brangelina Will Oscar Snub?


Click here on my new column and you’ll find out which sexy superstar–Brad or Angelina–will get an Oscar nomination next week, since my inside source in heaven swears the deities have decreed that BOTH divas can’t be so honored. That would just be too much glory for people who already have it all and a bag of chai!

I also run down who the big cheeses will be in all the major categories–plus I have some petty observations about the Golden Globe awards and some saucy tete-a-tetes with the New York Film Critics winners, including run-ins with mouthy Josh Brolin, marvy Sally Hawkins, and my old club playmate Jenny Lumet. And then let’s round up some cash so I can send in the column to the Pulitzer committee!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 14, 2009

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