Avella, Quinn Square Off on 80th Birthday Proclamation


Rafael Martinez Alequin, the citizen journalist last seen here getting roughed up by Pedro Espada’s buddies, has obtained some hilarious correspondence regarding councilmember and mayoral candidate Tony Avella and council speaker Christine Quinn. (If Alequin’s scans are broken, you can see them here and here.)

Avella wanted the council to issue a harmless proclamation honoring Doris Diether of Community Board 2 on her 80th birthday. But apparently the speaker, who’d had problems with Avella in the past (including his opposition to the term limits overthrow she helped engineer), wanted to issue her own Diether proclamation.

Alequin reproduces, first, a note from Xavier San Miguel, Avella’s community liason, saying that “Normally, City Council protocol allows any interested Councilmember to sign on to the proclamation. However, given the Speaker’s political differences with the Councilman, she is not allowing Tony’s name to be attached to her proclamation nor is she letting him have his own proclamation.”

Then Alequin posts a letter from Avella to Quinn, in which he expresses his “utter dissatisfaction” with Quinn’s bulldozing. The letter also says, “The nonsense that then ensued from your office defies explanation… your refusal to allow me as a Member of the City Council to sign on to your proclamation is an absolute disgrace…. Frankly, your behavior in this regard is both unprofessional and childish… It is a shame that an event celebrating the life of a woman who has done so much for this City has been marred by your petty behavior.”

We’ve heard a lot of high dudgeon from public officials lately, but you never know whether or not they’re just playing to the galleries, so it’s refreshing to have evidence that deep down some of them just really don’t like each other. (photo from The Villager, Elisabeth Robert)


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 15, 2009

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