Clinton In, Geithner Delayed, Holder Grilled


Hillary Clinton was this morning approved for Secretary of State by a 16-1 Senate committee vote. Her husband’s multifarious international dealings only dissuaded Republican David Vitter, who would presumably prefer Bill did his deals with prostitutes. But there’s still hope, albeit faint, of scuttling Treasury Secretary nominee and tax delinquent David Geithner’s nomination; his hearings have been postponed at the request of Arizona’s Jon Kyl, giving the GOP more time to dig. And Attorney General nominee Eric Holder is being interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee as we speak; Arlen Specter has already complained about Marc Rich’s pardon, which Holder facilitated while serving the Clinton Administration. Further enraging Republicans, Holder has announced that “Guantanamo will be closed” and that in pickup basketball he has a “New York City game” and that he “can hang one.”


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 15, 2009


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