Food for a Week



photos courtesy of Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel

This piece has been circulating on the internet for almost two months. In case you haven’t see it, it represents a superb illustration of the uneven distribution of the world’s food resources. It shows a series of familes from around the globe, posing behind a pile of food that constitutes their entire food consumption for a week. Wow!

Many things can be discerned from the excellent posed photos. Germans sure drink a lot of bottled beverages. Americans like to eat delivered pizzas. Sicilians are fond of bread. Mexicans eat lots of luscious looking fruits and vegetables, but they wash them down with massive doses of Coke. Finally, the family from Chad will break your heart, eating a mere $1.23 worth of food in a week’s time, as compared with over $500 for the German family.

The originator of the comparison seems to be the website of the Canadian-based