In Praise of the Less Attractive Siblings


It’s got to be rough to be the brother or sister (or even half bro/sis) of a star who’s way more movie-star gorgeous than you are–but at least that scenario generally helps you build character. I’ve come to love the following famous sibs because I always favor the underdog, especially in show biz where every weird facial feature will cost you a million at the box office.

I’ll list them along with the rude comments they’ve no doubt had to endure since entering the public arena:

Beau Bridges. “What does Jeff say about you? ‘He aint heavy, he’s my brother’?”

Randy Quaid. “Wait, you’re Dennis’s brother? Was there some mixup at birth?”

Maggie Gyllenhaal. “Well, at least you’re the less hairy one, right?”

Wynonna Judd. “You’re literally her big sister, huh?”

Mary-Kate Olsen. “Ashley’s so much hotter! Kidding! You’re identical!”