Oh, Canada. More Food Obamamania


A very earnest pastry

Maybe you all have heard of the Canadian snack known as BeaverTails, but I had not before a press release from the Ottawa Tourism Board pinged into my inbox. Apparently, the BeaverTail is a fried whole wheat dough stretched into the shape of a beaver’s tail (“one of Canada’s national symbols,” chirps the Ottawa Tourism Board) and topped with cinnamon, sugar, maple syrup or chocolate-hazelnut spread.

But one politically minded BeaverTail entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to invent the ObamaTail (TM!). Yes, the ObamaTail, at first a rather disturbing thought, turns out to be a BeaverTail with a big “O” drawn in chocolate-hazelnut spread. The ObamaTail will be served to Canadian Embassy guests during the Inauguration parade.

Oh, Canada.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 15, 2009


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