A Vodka For, and From, New York


We’re happy to report, via the Times’ City Room blog, that New York is soon to have a vodka of its very own, something that, as far we know, it’s lacked up until now. Farm-to-table Brooklyn bistros have been forced to serve Hangar One vodka from Northern California (not a bad thing) in the absence of a locally made potato spirit, but that’s changing.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Walsh, a former investment banker, and his sister Diane Walsh, who was in real estate, are making their own vodka on the north fork of Long Island. They’re sourcing the ingredients for the vodka–potatoes, apples, corn, and tomatoes–from farms in and around New York. “A lot of the vodkas now are made in Europe,” says Diane, “It’s
time to have made-in-America products, and I believe in the
100-mile-radius concept.”

They’re making the spirit under the name Prohibition Distillery and hope to have their batch ready in the spring. After, they’ll try their hands at making gin.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 16, 2009

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