Cop Warns of Gangs at Notorious Screenings; Critics Warn of Film


Movie fans receive a warning from New York transit cop tunnelpopo at Thee Rant: “‘Notorious’ movie comes out today… BE CAREFUL. Lots of Bloods and Crips expected to be in attendance.” Commenters mostly contribute racism (“As if blacks aren’t loud enough in the movie theater, can you imagine them at this one?!?!” “When do black people get embarrassed or feel ashamed? When society prepares itself for violence over a movie, your suppose to be embarrassed,” etc). Film critics mainly warn that Notorious stinks. “The problem with this telling of Wallace’s life,” says Justin Berton of the San Francisco Chronicle, “is that while the filmmakers are busy making a vanity project, they forget to show why Wallace was such a unique talent…”


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 16, 2009

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