Home Team Round-Up: Blog Scatology and Animal Collective (Again)





Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

Ah, the public fantasy that wills a band to stand on a stage together after vowing never to do so again. Eventually there will be enough evidence that people get old, fat, bald and slow and our reunion romance will recede. Or maybe not. Do we blame the Pixies? There’s no question that our Bloody Valentines can aptly execute their old songs with aplomb, but will it really amount to what their past work has meant to all of us? So yeah, Pavement might reunite, possibly at ATP NY?

First-wave Merriweather indifference is now bordering on dislike. Though as Mike Powell put it in this week’s Voice, “liking every aspect of an Animal Collective album, while a nice prospect, would make me think they’d somehow lost their edge.” Then again, if you’re not one for reasoned arguments and still hankering for more deeply-seeded, anonymous blog hate, this week’s Vegan comment section was burned by tired of loops | January 8, 2009 1:10 PM:

“comparing Animal Collective to Radiohead is like comparing a turd to a booger. Any idiot at guitar center could hook up a delay pedal and float some notes over a loop. hippie bullshit heralded as \’art\’.

If you want a high rating from Pitchfork just run your mix through a reverb plug-in.”

ANYWAY, is this the first time someone’s made a hearty attempt at turning TV on the Radio‘s blush-worthy shout-rapping into an electro remix? Pre-Surrounded by Silence Prefuse 73 this is not, but allow yourself to reach the outro if you ever wished for “abstract hip hop” to make its way back into the music snob nomenclature.

Can’t really call this new marketing schemes! with an exclamation point, but order Antony‘s new album online, get the download right away.

Don’t want to jump the gun in proclaiming the latest pop-tart blog crush, but money’s changing hands over Yonkers-born Lady Gaga. The pantyhose appearance helped. Perhaps being ever-pantless is her marketing scheme.

Final marketing-scheme themed aside: Titus Andronicus touring with Los Campesinos! to jointly stave off the decline of intercontinental college rock.

Decades of good choices by Slumberland help explain why some are shining a new crown for the Pains of Being Pure of Heart and prepping the buzz-kill guillotine for Crystal Stilts.


Vivian Girls play two unreleased songs in someone’s garage. Resurfaced at half-volume for Kidrockers.

Death of a Virgin.

Bronze Nazareth (adopted from Michigan by Wu Tang) remixes GZA. But did you know him in the day?

Twitter music-journalism!

Jermaine Dupri fired from Island.

Jim Jones + Lindstrom = future Ibiza. Call it a win for bottle service.

Lissie Trullie EP date.