In Praise of Drink Tickets!


I live for drink tickets–those sassy little pieces of paper or cardboard which entitle you to a free cocktail. Alas, I didn’t save any from the legendary clubs in the old days because I was too busy using them! But once I switched to diet soda, it seemed like a shame to waste them on just that, so I’ve been keeping a bunch as souvenirs, filling my house with bizarre, unused passports to alcoholism. I love seeing how the tickets’ design reflects the sensibility and budget of each particular place. I also enjoy the fact that even the ones that look like shit seem special because drink tickets represent more than just a chance for wanton thirst quenching–they signal complete validation!

Above you will see a drink ticket from Beige (at B Bar + Grill), a smaller one from Splash, a teensy one from The F Word, and a positively ratty one (“Beer”) from Santos Partyhouse. Just looking at them, I’m getting intoxicated. But not so much that I can’t hop right over to ebay as we speak!

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