Catholics Are Easily Aroused


It seems a surefire way to get publicity: do something even mildly sexy with the Virgin Mary, then wait for the Catholic Church to denounce you. We saw it last month with the Virgin Mary’s Mexican Playboy cover. Now we’re seeing it with designer Ricardo Oyarzun’s recent fashion show, in which models appeared costumed like the VM. (ht fashion indie.) Though the girls displayed no more cleavage than Jennifer Tilly does on those poker shows, Oyarzun has been denounced by the Church, reports Reuters, and has had “excrement smeared on his doorstep.” We’d never heard of him before, and now he’s one of the few designers whose names we do know. Thanks, Jesus!

Stateside, in the last minutes of his reign of terror protestant President George W. Bush proclaimed last Sunday National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Of course he does that every third Sunday in January — but this time the Catholic League and their collaborators, acting as if it were a new thing, preemptively gave Obama a hard time for not joining Bush in denouncing the fetal holocaust or at least sending a card. (Hallmark hasn’t caught up to NSoHLD yet, so celebrants are encouraged to just write “Thank yoo 4 not kiling me” in a childish scrawl on a piece of cardboard, and add a handprint or something.)

Also, in today’s New York Times item about a possible (read: impossible) emoticon in an 1862 Times story, one exasperated expert says, “Are we just seeing the the equivalent of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich?” and a commenter chides: “Was it really necessary to find an opportunity to poke fun at Catholicism, in an article that has nothing to do with Catholics or the Virgin?” Feminists, you’re off the hook: How many Catholics does it take to screw up a comments thread? That’s not funny.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2009


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