MLK Observed


Happy Martin Luther King Day! The New York Times celebrates by profiling Bed-Stuy’s Martin Luther King Jr. Place, which “has only a handful of buildings that anybody lives in, a sprawling schoolyard playground and a small city park — all pavement, no grass to speak of.” Also, nearby the Marcy Houses are “familiar territory for gangs and drug dealers.” (Next Christmas the Times will report on the frozen wasteland that is the North Pole.) On the Op-Ed page the Times allows Rev. Jesse Jackson to reminisce about Dr. King’s last birthday, and to suggest we attend the “unfinished business of making America a more perfect union.”

The New York Post honors the late Dr. King by pretending to be pleased that Obama will become president, and the Daily News‘ owner/columnist Mort Zuckerman recalls King’s historic speech, at which Zuckerman met many celebrities including Burt Lancaster, Harry Belafonte and Marlon Brando.

amNY, those of you who had to commute to work will have noticed, has MLK and Obama on the cover, announces “Dream Comes True,” and follows with a page of sale prices from J&R. Gothamist reviews the day’s commemorative activities, as do others; Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn recommends the program at the Old First Reformed Church in Park Slope, which offers services, workshops, and activities including Chair Yoga and Make Your Own Mandala.

CNN reports that “more than two-thirds of African-Americans believe Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision for race relations has been fulfilled — a figure up sharply from a survey in early 2008.” With relief, Michelle Malkin decrees school vouchers the next civil-rights struggle, in which “Teachers’ unions and government school protectionists have stood in the schoolhouse door.” Most conservatives offer no MLK observances at all, which is probably a good thing.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2009

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