Rightbloggers Celebrate MLK by Calling Blacks Racist


The CNN poll that showed most black Americans, on the eve of Obama’s inauguration, felt Dr. King’s dream had been realized drew some objections. Rightblogger MacsMind, for example, says that racism is yet with us: “It’s a forgone conclusion that the main reason that Barack Obama was elected president had little to do with the content of his character, but with the color of his skin,” and therefore, “It’s not a day of rejoicing, it should be a day of shame.”

Other rightbloggers, like Clayton Cramer, also felt that we haven’t overcome racism: “there is still racism out there — but much of it isn’t whites against blacks, but blacks against whites.”

Some get a little further afield — “I think that Reverend King would have opposed a holiday dedicated to him,” says Ranting Republican. Extreme Mortman remembers about King only that he was against anti-Semitism, because — normal people may not have heard — conservatives like to portray liberals as anti-Semites. And of course, others tell their readership that King was actually a conservative, even though everyone who identified himself as a conservative in King’s own time wanted to destroy him.

Most of them keep their mouths shut, whether out of confusion or a sense of decorum we cannot say.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2009

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