Senators Join Tabloid in War On Birds


This weekend the New York Post called for a goose holocaust to prevent another jetliner from being brought down by birds in the engines as US Airways Flight 1549 was last week. We knew politicians couldn’t be too far behind so absurd a curve, and sure enough, today state senators Eric Adams and Hiram “ If You Love Your Mother Tell Them It Was an Accident” Monserrate issued a statement calling on the Port Authority to “act immediately” to “eradicate the threat of geese.” Adams gives the best attributed quote: “The airline Industry cannot ignore the real threat posed by flocks of birds.” But there’s a lot to like in Monserrate’s “While the cost will need be studied and determined by aviation experts, the price of inaction will be innocent lives,” which implies that we’ll have to eat whatever price the experts come up with, or birds will kill the innocent along with the guilty.

For the record, we feel the same way about troublesome birds as we feel about troublesome trees.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2009

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