Times “Profiles” Caroline Kennedy (Shakes Fist Next to Mouth, Pokes Tongue into Cheek)


The other day Caroline Kennedy attended an event honoring Sloan Public Service Award winner Joya Ramirez, at which she “chatted unhurriedly” and “there were no television cameras,” though there was a Times reporter who today reviews the life of the Senate consideree. Kennedy is a “hands-on mother of three children and the author of seven books,” we are told, who in law school was “skilled at oral arguments and writing briefs.” She is further praised by “close friend” and Sony Corporation general counsel Nicole K. Seligman, who is also the wife of New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein, who describes a 2001 walk on the beach with Kennedy at which she expressed interest in “taking on a higher profile”; this resulted in her role as “chief fund-raiser” for the schools and advocate for school reform, which Klein strangely describes as “not particularly fashionable.” Other prominent people who recommend Kennedy to the Times include her literary agent, her co-author and law-school buddy, her cousin, the chairman of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library foundation board, and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. The Times has yet to endorse a Senate replacement for Hillary Clinton, but come on.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2009

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