Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Jean’s “Stop the Clock (Peligro de Extinción)”


Last week’s prediction: Inauguration-themed

“Latino R&B crooner” Jean is more than a bit of an enigma–if your band name, song title, and album title (Out of the Box) are three different unGooglable clichés, you might start to wonder if you are in fact merely the last faint gasp of human intelligence at the edge of a yawning chasm, the oil slick on a warming sea of ones and zeroes. Or if your project just needs a bit more guidance, on the basic A&R level (now-extinct?)–especially when you’re perfectly willing to otherwise sound like Justin Timberlake guesting on a Carlos Santana track. iTunes couldn’t have gotten a preview of this morning’s Yo-Yo Ma jump-off for this week’s free single? Really?

I’m with the vaguely Pynchon-named iTunes commenter Lex Apostata: “I prefer singers with actual human voices, not warbling that is so processed by the auto-tuner as to sound like some sort of cyborg.” And for comedy points, let’s also quote Pde here: “doesn’t peligro de extincion mean the extinct dog in spanish?” It doesn’t, but that’s awesome.

And because there isn’t even a video to this abysmal tune, let’s do this America:

Next week’s prediction: Elizabeth Alexander/ mash-up