Inauguration Coverage Continues!


photo by Whitney Dafoe

Magic Johnson was just on ABC, filling some time with a reporter, and said that Obama had promised to turn the White House bowling alleys into a basketball court. Johnson hoped to be invited, and expected to “throw some elbows” on the court with the President. When the reporter sought assurance that Johnson would not foul the Commander-in-Chief, Johnson said, “I’ll only take it easy on him if he takes it easy on my taxes.”

NBC’s Ron Mott was down in Atlanta at an elementary school, showing us the Obama shirts and hats the students had worn to class — just in case you thought all the kids were taking an Obama Day. Andrea Mitchell asked Governor Paterson if he’d made his decision on the Senate yet. “Well, Andrea,” wound up Paterson, “There are 17 women in the Senate and women are 50 percent of the population,” so in the interests of proper female representation, “I’m gonna go with Michelle Obama.” Silence. “All jokes aside,” said Andrea Mitchell, “Governor Paterson will be making his decision…”

Biden walking to the limo behind Cheney, who is being wheeled (he “hurt his back moving boxes,” the reporter says), both grim-faced. “There is no love lost” between the two men, Brian Williams says. Bush and Obama jaunt down to their limo.

Plenty of local action, as previously reported. Ianqui in the Village, as you can see, has their toddler dressed for the occasion. And in case you’re over on Roosevelt Island, RI360 says you can join your neighbors at the Good Shepherd Community Center.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 20, 2009


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