“I’ve Got to Find a 9-to-5 Something”: Watching MTV’s The City


The City, in its fifth episode, is finally experiencing some much-needed turbulence, albeit from two even more unknown (if it were possible) contenders. Now that Jay and Whitney are in committed couple mode, we see them this week playing support team to Jay’s roommate, the model Adam, and his girlfriend Allie, who is, as befits the infinitely logical land called The City, a model as well.

While Allie is out of town on a Diesel (semi-naked) photo shoot, Adam and Jay hit the town, posting up in the ominously named Chelsea nightclub Cain. Even though Allie specifically asked Whitney to keep an eye on Adam while she was gone, Whitney’s not trying to smother Jay so soon–it was, after all, a “boy’s night out.” Now, why would a group of dudes go to a nightclub? To dance? Doubtful. As Adam begins to eye two ladies, the women give him the eye right back–their horny giggling is captured by a helpfully positioned boom mic. Introductions are made: “Hey, you ladies want to get out of here?” asks Adam, none too subtly. Within seconds, the group splits to Adam’s pad. Exit cameras, but in the morning the OMG text arrives: A friend of a friend of Whitney’s who may or may not know the females involved may or may not have seen one of them make out with Adam. Whitney proclaims “What’s wrong with these people?” This is a question she might have asked herself long ago.

Proactively, and in the spirit of self-preservation, Adam heads off to the airport, where his model love is even now landing. He is brutally honest: That chick totally made up the rumor about them making out. Hysterically, dude can barely keep a straight face. The kid can’t lie: Maybe he was practicing his Zoolander pose? Either way, Allie buys it. “Why would a girl make up that rumor? It’s pretty pathetic,” she says, without a trace of irony. All is forgiven.

More drama: Nevan is back and apparently homeless. “I’ve got to find a 9-to-5 something,” he tells Olivia. We suppose this new inkling of responsibility has something to do with his recent criminal activity. Perhaps his probation officer is watching the show? Although Nevan trashed Olivia’s quaint (kind of surprising) Tribeca apartment, she takes him in once more. Hooker-free zone, Nevan, hooker-free zone.–Araceli Cruz

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 20, 2009

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