Ray Kelly Feels the Obama Love


While bold-faced names toasted the Obama inauguration in Washington, star-struck police commissioner Ray Kelly held a little fete of his own today on city time at police headquarters.
Kelly invited members of the bloated headquarters staff down to the room where he gives press conferences to take time out of their workday and watch the inauguration on two big screen televisions.
The normally reticent Kelly flack Paul Browne was so proud of this event that he sent out an e-mailed press statement to reporters — apparently hoping to get some positive coverage for his man at the top.
“Our employees are applauding various introductions and statements as if they were there at the Inaugural,” Browne gushed, of the “full-house” crowd. “It’s actually pretty moving.””

Having seen his mayoral hopes dashed — or at least delayed — by Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to seek a third term, and having been teased for his constant attendance at red carpet events, is Kelly becoming desperate for good press? Or maybe he’s hoping that Obama will tap him to run a federal law enforcement agency? Just asking.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 20, 2009


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