Russia Today Reports Inauguration “Sexy Fun”


photo by Whitney Dafoe

From the land of mail order brides, Russia Today reports “A sexier inauguration than usual.” DC Craigslist is loaded with “ads under ‘erotic services’ and ‘casual encounters,'” says RT, “and their promises are anything but discreet… some men are offering a free place to stay in exchange for ‘sexy fun’ with their female guests.” Also, horndogs holding coveted inaugural plus-one tickets “have lists of demands. Aside from the late night activities, these usually include the ability to schmooze with high society’s finest.”

Reporter Alyona Minkovski adds some cultural analysis of a sort familiar to readers of the old cold-war Pravda: “So how is all this possible in a country where prostitution is illegal, and the currency is stamped with a reference to God? It could be that the numerous sex scandals involving politicians have caused the population to turn a blind eye. Or perhaps the economic recession has hit some people hard enough to lure them into the sex industry.” Can Obama turn this around? Nyet, Minkovski suggests: “It seems the world’s oldest profession is leaving the dark alleys behind and inching towards a broader acceptance.”

What would Minkovski say if she had caught the Washington Paper‘s “Boobs on Display at the Kentucky Bluegrass Ball“? Sex columnist Amanda Hess asks a guest at the Marriott Wardman event, who identifies himself as “D.C.’s most successful hotel developer,” for some scandal. He replies, “‘My wife’ — indicating a lovely woman in a black ball gown — ‘will grab her breast’ — indicating another lovely women in a black ball gown. ‘You can take a picture of this…'” Disappointingly, Hess declined.