The Best of Showpaper “I Saw You,” Edition One


The next Showpaper benefit takes place with the Muggabears, Asa Ransom, Nymph, and Sigmund Droid at the 92Y Tribeca on this Saturday, January 24. Tickets are $10 and available here.

Work by Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim, from issue 20

In case you are a suburban yokel who only sees live music in venues with hotdog vendors, there’s this thing called Showpaper and it is awesome. A biweekly newsprint one-sheet that harkens back to the days of punk flyers and Xeroxed fanzines, Showpaper is a list of all-ages shows in the Tri-State area, events scheduled for smoky Williamsburg practice spaces, lofts with addresses sent via e-mailed requests, even the Yippie Museum Café on Bleecker. But the most unfailingly superb part of Showpaper is a regular sidebar called “I Saw You,” a kind of Missed Connections for DIY kids. These blurbs are like short stories, often heartwarming, hilarious, and horn-doggy, full of shy-people longings and lost liquid courage. Five awesome blurbs from over Showpaper‘s lifespan of 44 issues are below.

    • Saw U @ the Voxtrot show from the other night. U were wearing a Decemberists T from the 2003 tour, me the 1 from Colin’s most recent trip. We are soulmates. Let’s dbl up over yr iPod & cry about it.


June 19 through July 3, 2007, 3-13.

    • i saw u during circle takes the square. u were the tiny hardcore girl from upstate & i was the brooklyn boy w/ white the rock the 40 oz shirt. when u slammed me 2 the floor i knew it must be fate, i only have crusted over eyes 4 u.


August 28 through September 11, 2007, 8.19.

    • you were @ the deer tick show @ the silent barn. you looked like the small guy from the flight of the conchords. I told you this & you flipped me off. i fell in love. call me so i can get to know you. . . & your johnson.


February 12 through February 26, 20-01.

    • Hey i saw you at a show once and wanted to have sex with you and maybe talk about music or other things afterwards or beforehand, but i couldn’t say anything because of a deep seated fear that i could never love or be loved honestly so i wrote to showpaper instead


October 21 through November 4, 38-01.

    • I saw U whizzing n that small dark room n the corner after the Death Set. Come over 2 my house & pee in a real toilet?


July 31 – August 14, 2007, 6-12.

Should you have been the “tiny hardcore girl from upstate” or the dude whizzing in the corner at the Death Set (jerk), e-mail with the issue number and ID that appears after the date above; should you want to pursue that “brunette, about 10 feet from the stage, wearing jeans and a low-cut shirt” you spotted at the Todd Rundgren show, e-mail that same address, but make your blurb good because everybody reads these first.