Obama Begins Reign of Terror


Shortly after taking the oath of office, President Obama instructed military prosecutors to move for a 120-day suspension of proceedings against five Guantanamo inmates accused of planning the 9/11 attacks. The instruction is subject to judicial review. The President wants to use the time to study the military commissions by which the Bush Administration has been handling such cases, which he had criticized as a Senator and in his Presidential campaign.

The ACLU has approved the move and hopes the President will go all the way in “shuttering the military commissions.” Conservatives feel differently. “Obama’s first act is to come to the rescue of admitted killers,” says The Astute Bloggers. “We are at war, Mr. President,” chides Don Surber, “not with the Republican Party but with al-Qaida and dozens of other terrorist groups.” “Obama to 9/11 Victims — Screw You!” reasons MacsMind.

Coming next, from RedState: “Obama Kicks Off Presidency With Taxpayer-Funded Abortions.”

Update: A military judge has acceded to President Obama’s treasonous request.