Observer Keeps Beating Up the W Train


The Observer portrays the impending demise of the W train as “Another W New Yorkers Not Sad to See Go,” because the line, which runs on weekdays from Whitehall Street in Manhattan to Ditmars Boulevard in Queens, offers crappy service — the lowest-ranked by the Straphangers’ Campaign. This follows the Observer‘s strange December article that dissed the W as a train favored by hipsters upset that it would be harder to get from Astoria to Williamsburg for parties. But at least the Observer admits some other Queens residents will also be upset to lose even the substandard service that the W affords — like housekeeper Gladeys Loaiza, who worried about how she’d get to work without the W when the cut was proposed in November, and councilmember Peter Vallone Jr., who said at the time that “to cut the only service to this neighborhood in half would be like choking the breath out of this community.” You can review all the MTA’s proposed bus and subway service cuts on the Regional Plan Association’s borough maps. Class war aside, everyone who rides will probably take a hit.